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Delivering powerful AI solutions for franchises and businesses across the globe through licensing

Restaurants & Franchises

Franchise Management Solutions that deliver a platform of services that maximizes profitability, minimizes, cost, and scales the business.

Health and Wellness

Franchise management software for client bookings, payments, and services that delivers a flawless customer experience across services.


A CRM solution that aligns the acquisition of new customers, communications, deals desk, and sales team optimization.


A professional ecommerce site that is secure, fast, easy to use, and is an essential technology to increase your business sales.

Site Buildout

Expand your franchise footprint with CloudFran professional services for site buildout, making your next location better, faster, and economical.

Permits and Licensing

CloudFran offers a permit and licensing service for franchises that starts with licensing and expands to a full license and permit management system.

What Our Referrals Partners Say!

"CloudFran offers a great Referral Program with revenue share!

"I work with restaurants every day, so it's easy for me to give referrals. I provide a solid referral and get a great commision on closed deals - this is awesome!"
Jeff Johansen
Restaurant Consultant
"The referral program works well for me. I built referrals as part of my business selling process and many weeks my commissions are better than my core service sales."
Brian Kleffner
Sales Executive
"The referral program is a great extra income for me. I have lots of contacts in business as a consultant and use that to earn referral commissions."
Heather Williamson
Business Consultant

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Earn a Revenue Share for one year.


  • Campaign Center
  • Corporate Chat
  • Communications
  • Employee Admin
  • Experience Center
  • Financials
  • Inventory Management
  • Vendor Management
  • And more..


  • *All of Starter Features
  • Extended Communications
  • Sales and Lead Mgmt.
  • Opening Day
  • Prospect Finder
  • Sales Performance
  • Royalty Management
  • Business Tools
  • And More ...
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    License the CloudFran software and offer new services to your customers, growing company revenue!

  • Revenue Share for Referrals

    Get up to 15% revenue share when you are accepted into the CloudFran Referral Program.

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    Share the contact info for a prospect to determine if the prospect is eligible for referral.

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