CloudFran Employee Administration

CloudFran Employee Admin

A complete system for all of your employee administration needs. Keep your business running strong!

Employee Admin for Business

Get the CloudFran Employee Admin Solution and manage employee work schedules, shifts, hours worked, and much more!
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Some Core Features

CloudFran Employee Admin

Employee Data

Collect and manage all employee information for the core employee record. Data includes date of hire, email, phone, address, department, and other related employee data.

Access Rights Management

Each licensed user is given access rights in accordance to three sub-license levels. Based on these access rights, the user will be able to see and edit only the data that you allow.

Sales Designations

Employees who are performing a sales role can be designated as a salesperson with the Employee Administration functions. This designation provides access to powerful special tools for the employee, if you have the appropriate license.

Territory Assignment

CloudFran has full territorial assignment capabilities, allowing for hundreds of territorial assignments that are on a global sales level. This assignment is used as part of auto routing of leads based on territories.

CloudFran Employee Admin

The easiest to use scheduler on the market, setting up your work schedule in minutes!

Employee Admin for Business

Get the CloudFran Employee Admin Solution and manage employee work schedules, shifts, hours worked, and much more!
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Some Core Features

CloudFran Employee Admin

Schedule Calendar

The schedule calendar is the end result of assigning employees to to teams and assigning teams to shifts. The schedule calendar shows the schedule for each team across the various shifts.


Planner is a powerful tool under employee management, giving the user the ability to plan shifts for optimized scheduling. The Planner providers all the information needed for great planning of the schedule.

Team Setup

Setup teams within employee management so you can allocate teams to specific shifts. Employees can be a part of multiple teams, the system keeps track of all the necessary informaiton.

Shift Management

Shifts are determined based on the time and day for the shift. Teams include employees, and the teams are assigned to shifts for the business. The allocation of team members to shifts is streamlined with CloudFran.

CloudFran Employee Admin

Build your work schedules with schedules, shifts, calendar, and planner - optimize labor costs.

Employee Admin for Business

Get the CloudFran Employee Admin Solution and manage employee work schedules, shifts, hours worked, and much more!
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Some Core Features

CloudFran Employee Admin

Employee Report

The employee report provides a wealth of information about the employee, aligning the employee to the department, and all work related information about the employee.

Quick Blocking of Licenses

This features gives you the ability to block the user out of the CloudFran system, by not allowing a login. In once quick click, the user can be blocked from access, no need for a complicated removal procedure.

Daily Time Sheets

Accurate tracking of time worked is essential to making the correct payment amounts for work performed. CloudFran uses daily time sheets for employee time submittal, approvals, and tracking.


Departments are used to designate the department that the employee belongs to within the organization. Managers can only see detailed employee data for employees within their department.

CloudFran Employee Management

Manage all of your employee data, schedules, shifts, teams, and much more!

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Take advantage of an easy to use, comprehensive employee management system - CloudFran Employee Administration.


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Building Compliance for your Business

CloudFran Employee Administration



Everything you need to setup and manage employee administration for your business, with ease.

  • Save Money

    The proper administration of employees saves money by tracking work performed, keeping records up to date, and scheduling staff only when you need them to meet customer demand.

  • Security

    Establish role based access to employee administration, allowing users to access only the information that is required and in compliance with company policies.

  • Bundled Features

    With software, more is better. CloudFran will give you more+, so many features that give you a competitive edge! We did this for you and made it easy to use!


Trusted Feedback

CloudFran is here to support your business growth, we understand that you need flawless execution - and we deliver it.

The CloudFran Employee Administration solution is what we used for scheduling staff, it does everything we want on the cheap, so I have no complaints, in fact, I must say we really like this a lot!

Theodore Johnson

QSR Industry Segment

We were using spreadsheets and sometimes just writing things on paper, we learned about this tool and will never go back to the old way.  We are saving 4% a month on labor cost by using this tool - it paid for itself after using it for 3 days!

Linda McPherson

Family Restaurant Owner

Best Employee Administration

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The CloudFran Employee Administration solution is a powerful package of services that enables you to setup teams, shifts, and work schedules. They system collects all the mployee data and controls who has access to what information.  Its everything you need for employee administration..


 – Easy to enter data and manage

 – Visibility across the organization for employee data

 – Work Time submittal and approval process

 – Quickly Disable Employee access when they leave the company

Get the CloudFran Employee Administration Solution and learn why so many businesses are upgrading their technology suite while significantly lowering the costs – it’s the smart thing to do!


The Ultimate Employee Administration Solution

An Integrated employee administration  system that is feature rich, easy to use, and inexpensive - that's CloudFran™ Employee Administration.

Easy to Use Employee Administration that any business can use to manage employee data and schedules.  Preserve a data record of truth while managing through employee transitions with ease.

Advanced Analytics bring the power of data insights in reporting and access to information without spending time on building reports.  Information is provided intuitively and is focused on making the right decisions based on data.

Get control of your Employee Administration with a simple, yet powerful solution form CloudFran.  Track schedules by person, by store, by categoryby team, by shift, and more.

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