CloudFran Field Audit

CloudFran Field Audits

A complete system for all of your field operations, keeping your business compliant to standards.

Field Audits for Business

Get the CloudFran Field Audit Solution and deliver compliance solutions audit solutions for one, or thousands of stores.
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Some Core Features

CloudFran Field Audit

Setup Visits

Quickly setup visits for field operations across your enterprise. The streamlined approach allows for flexibility and consistency.

User Accounts and Permissions

Each cashier will login to the account with access rights based on their permission level in the system. Content creators have greater access rights than general employees. Auditors will have a more successful audit with this enhanced communications in field audit.

Training Integration

Training is integrated into the system, allowing auditors to reference training content that is pertinent to the user community.

Store Performance

Each store in your enterprise will have a unique score results. See the audit performance, compare to average scores, and review action.

Audit tools

CloudFran provides a flexible audit system that enables customization. Creators have access to a library of content they created or purchased.


Reporting on field audit results is a must. CloudFran has a powerful reporting engine that can produce sophisticated Field OPS reports.

CloudFran Field Audit

The ultimate solution for complete management of Field OPs for franchise systems.

Some Core Features

CloudFran Field Audit

Audit Questions

Create new audit questions and provide multiple question options for responses, providing the right selection grouping for the survey. Use existing audit materials to build standard surveys.

Question Library

Leverage a full questions library for easy repeatability of audit content. Customize existing libraries of questions to quickly create a new audit survey.

Average Audit Scores

Quickly see the average audit performance scores and compare a particular site against average, bottom performers, and top performers. Use data to provide specifics on areas that they need to improve.

Top Performers

Review top performing sites to determine which sites are performing the best and leverage the best practices that are used to realize top performance. A great way to quickly share best practices.

Auditor Workflow

A streamlined workflow for auditors, enabling the auditor to communicate with sites, arrange visits, manage audit materials, perform the audit, capture results, and communication after audit action items.

Action Items Tracker

Track the after audit actions assigned at a store level to ensure compliance is met. Easily provide status on actions and report on action item status.

CloudFran Field Audit

The easiest and most flexible field audit available, made for the franchisee and franchisor!

Our POS Customers

Our POS customers first asked themselves why get a different POS, we have one now.  Then they thought about what they were paying each month for the use of the POS, and they they realized that they were paying additional service charges for loyalty programs, coupon management, special reports, campaigning, employee management software and more.  


And the answer become clear.....


The Franchise can save a lot of money by using CloudFran POS Software and leverage additional capabilities - A win-win for everyone!!


  • Mission

    Enable profitable growth

  • Vision

    A one-stop solution for all your essential software needs

  • Values

    Enabling successful business systems

Building Compliance for your Business

CloudFran Field Audit

Franchise Control


Everything you need to setup and manage field operations for your business, with ease.

  • Save Money

    Keeping your business compliant with field audits is a great way to prevent unnecessary expenses and potential lawsuits, saving your business money!

  • Security

    Establish role based access to field operations, allowing users to access only the information that is required for field audit and associated reports.

  • Bundled Features

    With software, more is better. CloudFran will give you more+, so many features that give you a competitive edge! We did this for you and made it easy to use!


Trusted Feedback

CloudFran is here to support your business growth, we understand that you need flawless execution - and we deliver it.

The field audit solution gives us everything we need to create the audit, set it up, run it, and manage the results.  Everything we wanted is here!

Timothy Benko

QSR Industry Segment

The creation of the content and reuse of content that we already have is what I like best. We use the libraries and can create great audit content super fast!

Jessica Blanchard

Tax Services Segment

Best Field Audit Solution

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The CloudFran Field Audit solution is a powerful package of services that enables you to setup field audits, create content for a field audit, manage the field audit, and track the results.  Everything that is needed to be successful for field audits! 


As your business grows, you will to ensure that your are compliant across all of your locations.  This will give your customers a familiar service experience and build your brand loyalty.  We can do all this and more, so what are you waiting for? Change Today and Start Saving.


 – Easy content creation

 – Visibility into field audit results

 – Management of after audit actions

 – Integration with training content


Get the CloudFran Field Audit Solution and learn why so many businesses are upgrading their technology suite while significantly lowering the costs – it’s the smart thing to do!


The Ultimate Field Audit Solution

An Integrated Field Audit system that is feature rich, easy to use, and inexpensive - that's CloudFran™ Field Audit

Easy to Use FIELD OPS that any business can use at a store level or within and entire franchise system that spans states and countries.

Advanced Analytics bring the power of data insights to both the locations and corporate brand.  No coders needed.

Get control of your FIELD OPS with a simple, yet powerful solution from CloudFran.  Track compliance by person, by store, by category, and more.

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