CloudFran Inventory Management System

CloudFran Inventory Management System (IMS)

A complete inventory management system for small, medium, and large businesses.

CloudFran IMS for Business

Get the CloudFran IMS solution and enjoy expanded functionality for your business

Store Details

See the complete inventory at a store level, including product description, date received, SKU, RFID, price, and much more key inventory inforamtion.

User Accounts and Permissions

Each user will have a unique login for security, with permission access granted by the business that is using the service. Easy user additions and removals.

Products and Services

See the complete inventory for products and services, allowing for the ultimate in flexibility for products and service combined solutions.

Supply Chain Visibility

Go beyond the local store inventory and see products at other stores, warehouses, and complete supply chain visiblity beyond the local store.

Inventory Alerts

Establish low levels for inventory and receive automatic alerts when inventory levels cross a specified threshold. Great for keeping inventory levels supplied to meet demand.

Inventory Reports

See the complete inventory status across the entire enterprise with powerful custom inventory reporting and great visualization of data. Everything you need to optimize your inventory levels.

CloudFran IMS

The next generation inventory system that's built for the speed of business!

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Some Core Features

CloudFran IMS

Product Variants and Composites

If you have a large inventory, you need a large number of product variants, like multiple colors for the same product. Composites allow you to order combinations of your existing product, like a case of wine.

Bar Codes

Yes, we have you covered. We can print bar codes for tracking, management, et al. Use barcodes to scan items when they enter your stock, when you are shipping to a store, or when you sell an item to a customer.

Integration Across Services

CloudFran keeps track of your inventory and makes this information available at your store front, POS, and across the integrated CloudFran System. This enables your continued success in managing products.

Inventory Counts

Keeping track of your inventory could be time consuming, so CloudFran has designed our system to minimize this time. You can manually enter info or easily scan the QR codes for automatic updates.

Stock Transfers

For stores with more than one location you can quickly transfer stocks to other locations. This makes it easier to accommodate large increases in sales volume that come quickly without having supply chain delays.


Stores will often run promotions as a marketing campaign, CloudFran can automatically apply discounts to specific products that are pulled directly from inventory. No need to manually mark down products.

CloudFran IMS

The easy to use, yet powerful, inventory management system - this is way beyond your POS capabilities!

Want Great Reporting, get CloudFran IMS

Store Controls

Each store has complete visibility and ownership of its inventory. The store manager can order more inventory, check-in new inventory, and much more.

Enterprise Controls

Manage thousands of stores with this complete inventory management system. This provides the visibility you need in the entire supply chain and the ability monitor store level performance.

Inventory Value

See the value of your complete inventory with the quantification of inventory counts and price of the inventory. Optimize your inventory cost for minimization.


CloudFran IMS provides a comprehensive set of reports that gives the stores complete visibility into inventory. The system goes beyond the basics and can show various inventory data that drives business insights.


A quick at-a-glance view of your inventory tells you a lot of information about your store. This gives the merchant an opportunity to see what is happening in their daily sales without and time consuming effort to get the data.

Product Reports

Want to see the performance of specific products, then you need product reports. This can show you information about all your products in your inventory. You can see best performing and worst performing products and more.

Want Amazing, get CloudFran IMS

The Ultimate IMS Solution

An Integrated IMS  that is feature rich, easy to use, and inexpensive - that's CloudFran IMS.

Best Inventory Management System - CloudFran IMS

Our IMS Customers

The CloudFran IMS customers have learned that the inventory system is a critical part of their business system.  The Inventory Management System (IMS) is the leading edge solution for managing a scalable inventory level.  CloudFran has done the hard work so your job can be a little easier.


A powerful IMS with complete supply chain visibility


The business will save a lot of cash by using this system to maintain and accurate and complete inventory level.



  • Mission

    Enable profitable growth

  • Vision

    A one-stop solution for all your essential software needs

  • Values

    Enabling successful business systems

Some Core Features

CloudFran IMS


The IMS Solution

An easy to use IMS solution that has all the features you need at a great price is all that you need to have a winning IMS Solution.

  • Save Money

    A POS system should be provided at a good monthly price so you save each month on service charges for a POS. Its simple, SAVE MORE and MAKE MORE!

  • Security

    The IMS needs to track inventory check-in, sold inventory, and purchased inventory. The CloudFran IMS will do this and more, at a great price!

  • Bundled Features

    With software, more is better. CloudFran will give you more+, so many features that give you a competitive edge! We did this for you and made it easy to use.


Trusted Feedback

CloudFran is here to support your business growth, we understand that you need flawless execution - and we deliver it.

We do a ton of parts for trucks and wanted an easy to use solution that we could access from anywhere.  We had a lot of features we needed and CloudFran IMS had everything!

Dick Durbin

Parts Industry Segment

We looked at a lot of Inventory Management Systems and decided that the CloudFran IMS offered the best features at the least price - so we got it!

Barry Whitaker

Auto Dealership Owner

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The CloudFran™ IMS provides all the tools that are needed to manage your inventory system.  This is a professional inventory management solution that works well for small business and large inventories.  See exactly what is in your inventory at each location, every warehouse, and essential product related information.  Our solution has everything you need.


Fast Performance

Easy to Use

Full Inventory Visibility


Easy to Use IMS that any business can use at a store level or within and entire franchise system that spans states and countries.

Advanced Analytics bring the power of data insights to both the locations and corporate brand.  No coders needed.

Get control of your Inventory Performance with a simple, yet powerful solution form CloudFran.  Track inventory by product, by store, by state, and more.

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