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CloudFran Learning Management Solution

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Some Core Features

CloudFran Learning Management System


See a complete review of all exams, employees, courses, locations, scores, and more information in an easy to use dashboard. Quickly see the average performance on course exams, and more.


See all the courses available for training and simply click play to start the training session. Multimedia access to any content type that you create or purchase is available for your usage.

Advanced Analytics

Get easy to use customized reports with a click of button, learn what is driving your business performance from training data and make corrective actions to improve employee skills..


The CloudFran LMS Solution is responsive to mobile platforms, allowing for an ideal training opportunity on tablets and mobile devices. The go anywhere training approach ensures better completion rates.

CloudFran LMS is the Clear Winner!

Get both a content creation and content management system for a organizational learning - CloudFran LMS
Some Core Features

CloudFran Learning Management System

Ease of Use

The CloudFran LMS Solution provides an easy to use training environment that is intuitive, fast, and immersive. Training is a a favorable experience for all participants, improving compliance.

Plsyback Controls

The CloudFran LMS Solution has easy to use, familiar playback controls to make learning an intuitive experience. Simply hit the play button to start a learning session and the stop button to end the session.

Exam Creation

Easily create the training test questions for the content, to ensure adequate learning has been achieved. Scoring is automatic within the system, allowing for a robust set of completion data.

Integration of LMS

Integration of LMS content and results makes a powerful partner with CloudFran Field Audit services. Combine the required training with the field audit and help prepare the team for an audit.


CloudFran LMS Customers

CloudFran™ LMS is the right solution for organizational learning, offered at incredibly affordable rates.  Organizational learning is the primary method of building employee skills and the CloudFran™ LMS Solution enables accelerated learning.  


Accelerated learning is made available by making it super easy to build custom course content, adding existing course content, and all the tools needed to understand where learning gaps exist throughout the organization.


Get CloudFran™ LMS and start learning!


  • Mission

    Enable profitable growth

  • Vision

    A one-stop solution for all your franchise software needs

  • Values

    Enabling successful franchise systems

The LMS Solution

An easy to use comprehensive software learning solution for any business that wants to build organizational skills.

  • Performance

    Fast and easy creation of course content, inclusion of your existing course content, mobile responsiveness, and overall high performance.

  • Security

    All information is secure and only accessible by the licensed user of the company's learning content.

  • Features

    Features include, course content creation, integration of existing course content, test question library reuse, automatic test scoring, dashboard of learning performance, and much more!


Trusted Feedback

CloudFran is here to support your business growth, we understand that you need flawless execution - and we deliver it.

We were very cost conscious because we wanted everyone to have access to learning, and we wanted the system to have all the features we needed.  The LMS had to work with our current content.  CloudFran™ LMS has it all, and more!

Hector Menendez

QSR Industry Segment

The CloudFran™ LMS Solution gave us an easy to use solution that had the right features for organizational learning.  We were able to start using the system within 7 days, and 6 of those days was the time we needed to get prepared!

Triana Alvarez

VP, Organizational Learning

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Approximately 83 percent of organizations currently us a LMS as the primary method of improving organizational learning.  

A learning management system is a software solution that provides the services that handles all aspects of the learning process – storage, distribution, and tracking of learning content.  LMS is the most familiar terminology but other names are training management system, learning activity management system or even learning experience platform (LXP). 


A learning content management system (LCMS) sometimes gets confused with an LMS. A LCMS is where you create the content that is being used for learning.  These are different capabilities, but ideally you want these to be on the same platform to make it easier to share data and deliver the best solution.  CloudFran is an LMS and LCMS!


An LMS is designed to deliver the training content, keep track of scores, monitor skill development, and identify skill gaps. An LMS can also handle things such as onboarding, compliance and skills gap analysis. 


CloudFran™ LMS delivers all the content creation, distribution of content, and management needs of the organization, with an intuitive system that delivers value at an exceptional price.



Easy to Use Tools that enable workers to receive training content, test knowledge comprehension, and monitor training performance.

Advanced Analytics bring the power of data insights to the business, giving insights on training content comprehension.  No coders needed.

Get control of your Cost with a simple, yet powerful solution from CloudFran.  Better trained employees will save you money and help to retain customers at your business.

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