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Advanced Ecommerce functionality for businesses of all sizes - delivering value to your business!

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Some Core Features

CloudFran Ecommerce


A beautiful storefront provides an easy to use interface for your customers, creating a rich shopping experience that will increase sales of products and services.

Inventory Alerts

The CloudFran System will enable the business to setup specific inventory thresholds levels for low inventory. When the threshold is reached an alert notification will be sent.

Inventory Management

Complete inventory management is available for our users. Inventory can be checked in, dated, described, named, and more. Shoppers will automatically see the inventory available.

Shopping Cart

A secure shopping cart allows customers to purchase products and services, apply discounts, shipping charges, and more. Items in the shopping cart will be available for purchase.


Large products and services on the storefront will need categories. Our categories allow customers to filter and search quickly for the specific product or service selection.

Your Branding

Your branded logo is automatically applied to your professional ecommerce store. Customers will recognize your brand and be secure in making trusted purchases.

Want Core Features, get CloudFran Ecommerce


Our Ecommerce Customers

Our POS customers first asked themselves why get a different Ecommerce Site?   Then they thought about what they were paying each month for an Ecommerce Site, and they they realized that they were paying additional service charges for loyalty programs, coupon management, marketing, software and more.  

And the answer become clear.....


The business can save a lot of money by using CloudFran Ecommerce and leverage additional capabilities - A win-win for everyone!!


Start enjoying a custom website with advanced feastures that will drive additional customers to your storefront!


  • Mission

    Enable profitable growth

  • Vision

    A one-stop solution for all your essential software needs

  • Values

    Enabling successful business systems

Some Core Features

CloudFran Ecommerce

Super Fast Response

Shoppers want things to move quickly on your website. This is a special system that is secured in specialized applications that make the response times near instantaneous for users!

Rich Images

Yes, we have you covered. Display images that are beautiful, easy to see, and encourage your customers to make more purchases of your products and services.

Secure Payments

CloudFran provides a secure payment infrastructure that is fast and easy to use. Customers will be confident in your storefront and make purchases for products and services.

Discount Management

Discount management is easy with CloudFran! Businesses can quickly apply discounts on products and services with a single discount value and remove discounts as well.

Scale Business

Having a CloudFran ecommerce site works perfectly as your only storefront or as a companion site to other ecommerce sites. Use CloudFran to drive additional traffic and sales!

Customer Database

CloudFran provides the tools and systems to increase the number of customers and to manage these customers in your customer database for future communications and offers.

CloudFran Ecommerce Sites

Building rich customer experiences that drive increased sales!
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Want Amazing, get CloudFran POS

Employee Reporting

Every business needs to know who are the top performing sales people, CloudFran provides this in employee reporting. Tracking the transaction data per sales person is the ultimate in sales performance insight.

Customer Reports

Your system will need to know who are the best customers, spending the most money in your stores. You will need to know lots of information about the customer so you can engage them in buying more products.

Custom Reports

CloudFran allows the merchant to select and build their own custom reports. This gives stores the ultimate in flexibility in reporting and getting exactly the information you want.

AI Fraud Detection

The POS solution has Artificial Intelligence technology for the detection of fraudulent transactations. The detection is done automatically and these transactions are identified.

Security with CloudFran

CloudFran will never see any credit card information from your customer or any source. The credit information is encrypted and sent to a trusted merchant processor for processing. Our merchant processor handles billions of transactions.

Fleet Management

If you are a larger organization with hundreds or thousands of POS points in your infrastructure, we have you covered. With fleet management we make it easy to identify and manage ever POS location and transaction, globally.


The POS Solution

An easy to use POS system that has all the features you needs at a great price is all that you need to have a winning POS Solution.

  • Save Money

    A POS system should be provided at a good monthly price so you save each month on service charges for a POS. Its simple, SAVE MORE and MAKE MORE!

  • Security

    The POS needs to track account logins, be password protected, and detect fraudulent activities. The CloudFran POS will do this and more, at a great price!

  • Bundled Features

    With software, more is better. CloudFran will give you more+, so many features that give you a competitive edge! We did this for you and made it easy to use.

Some Core Features

CloudFran POS


Trusted Feedback

CloudFran is here to support your business growth, we understand that you need flawless execution - and we deliver it.

"We were hit hard by the pandemic and knew we had to do something different. CloudFran gave us an easy to use solution that expanded our revenue base with new customers and more spend per customer."

VP of Operations

QSR Brand

"We wanted to scale up the number of locations. CloudFran provided a repeatable process for us to do this, with consistent quality. We are know increasing our number of sites with this approach."

Pizza Brand

VP of Development

CloudFran Other Solutions


Franchise Management Solutions that deliver a platform of services that maximizes profitability, minimizes, cost, and scales the business.

Health and Wellness

Franchise management software for client bookings, payments, and services that delivers a flawless customer experience across services.


A CRM solution that aligns the acquisition of new customers, communications, deals desk, and sales team optimization.


A professional ecommerce site that is secure, fast, easy to use, and is an essential technology to increase your business sales.

Expand Business

Expand your footprint and scale your business with CloudFran professional expansion services utilizing local country expert resources to help you win!

Financial Services

A full solution for a multi-site financial services company, providing all the tools necessary to expand the business model and increase profits.

CloudFran POS

The POS Solution is the heart of your retail infrastructure and needs to be secure, trusted, fast, reliable, cost effective, and easy to use.  But there is more, the system needs to be bundled with additional software features so you can use the POS information to help manage your business, driving in more revenue into your business.  


As your business grows, you will need fleet management, so you can manage and control all of your POS hardware and software on a location, state, and national basis.  You need to detect fraud and intervene before the fraud is transacted.  We can do all this and more, so what are you waiting for? Change Today and Start Saving.


 – Security for each transaction and AI driven fratud detection

 – Bundled features that extend the functionality of your POS

 – A low price that saves you money every month, straight to your bottom line.

 – An easy to use POS Solution with powerful reporting and business insights.


Get the CloudFran POS and learn why so many businesses are upgrading their technology suite while significantly lowering the costs – it’s the smart thing to do!

Easy to Use POS that any business can use at a store level or within and entire franchise system that spans states and countries.

Advanced Analytics bring the power of data insights to both the locations and corporate brand.  No coders needed.

Get control of your Sales Performance with a simple, yet powerful solution form CloudFran.  Track sales  by person, by store, by product, and more.

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