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CloudFran Experience Center

When it comes to purchasing, its all about the customer experience. CloudFran is bringing new capabilities for customer experience, insights that drive new sales and customer loyalty.

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Some Core Features

CloudFran Experience Center

Experience Center Dashboard

Find out everything you need to know about your customers in one single place. See the total number of customers who have engaged with your services, the ratings, the locations, and more.

Automatic Prioritization

Automatic prioritization of customer requests for services, status of the request, category of sales, engagement with customers and responses, and total results across your customer base.

Customer Reports

A complete view of all your customer engagements from service experience, filtering by date, categories, locations, age, gender, and other factors. This features gives you a view of the overall customer experience.

Transaction Reports

See all the transactions for your customers for a complete understanding of their spend levels, loyalty positioning, and what are the total spend levels over a period of time. Determine if customers are trending upward or down.

Coupons Report

See all the coupons that have been transacted in total and the number of coupons and value transacted at a specific store. When doing a franchise system, see the toals across all stores in the enterprise.

Manage Responses

The Experience Center provides automated responses to customer questions, service compliments, and complaints. Human intervention and adjustments can be made with the Manage Response functionality.

Want Customer Loyalty? Get.. CloudFran Experience Center

Some Core Features

CloudFran Experience Center

Customer Reports

See all of your customers in a comprehensive customer database that can be filtered by state, store location, and more. Add and remove customers, see special notes concerning customers.


Use tags to see special categorization of customers in the experience center. Use this feature to identify customers who are most likely to leave or most loyal, as examples.

Customer Information

Enjoy a complete set of customer information in your database, including name, address, date of birth, contact numbers, pictures, tags, notes, and more.

Experience Center Levels

Track all aspects of the customer experience by looking at experience levels, including pre-service, service, and after service, to get a full view of all your customers experiences.

CloudFran POS

The easiest and most flexible POS available, made for the franchisee!

Want Customer Intimacy? Get.. CloudFran Experience Center

Know What Works

Customer are the lifeblood of any business, the Experience Center solution needs to know who your customers are and works to increase customer loyalty with coupons and other system level solutions. Yes, CloudFran can do this also - customer engagement.

Know What Needs Improvement

The CloudFran Experience Center keeps track of customer complaints automatically, and uses machine learning to generate the best response for the specific customer. No guess work needed, CloudFran figures out what does not work and makes the correct decision for customer loyalty.

The Ultimate Customer Experience

Manage your customers with a sophisticated, yet easy, customer experience management system.  Its what you have been waiting for all these years!

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Want Amazing, get CloudFran Experience Center


Our CloudFran Customers

The CloudFran Experience Center is a new way of doing something old, understanding and retaining customers.  Understanding begins with knowing the customers experiences, buying patterns, and attitudes.  Retaining customers is all about transitioning the understanding of customers to the right actions.  



CloudFran has used technology to achieve the customer intimacy of a small store with a customer base of millions.  We give you the technology and processes to scale without the limits of volume and time - yes, we can do that!


    • Increase Customer Loyalty
    • Manage Customer Engagement and Experience
    • Bring in new Customers to your Store
    • Maximize customer Spending with Customer Knowledge



  • Mission

    Enable profitable growth for franchises

  • Vision

    A one-stop solution for all your essential software needs

  • Values

    Enabling successful business systems

Some Core Features

CloudFran Experience Center


The CloudFran Experience Center Solution

Understanding customers is what you want, delivering you the customer information to achieve customer loyalty is what we do.

  • Save Money

    A Experience Center system should be provided at a good monthly price so you save each month on service charges. We know this is important so we give it to our customers for free!

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    The CloudFran Experience Center uses artificial intelligence to determine the right response for each customers. The system detects fraudulent requests and identifies them.

  • Bundled Features

    With software, more is better. CloudFran will give you more+, so many features that give you a competitive edge! We did this for you and made it easy to use.


Trusted Feedback

CloudFran is here to support your business growth, we understand that you need flawless execution - and we deliver it.

We have 200 locations and have been struggling to get the same customer experience.  The CloudFran Experience Center solved all of problems.

Tina Mathews

Franchise SVP of Growth

We use the AI to manage a customer base of thousands, allowing the AI to drive loyalty and retention.  As a result, sales are up by 12.5% and growing.

Tammy Bromsfield

VP of Customer Experience, Tax Franchise

CloudFran Solutions


Franchise Management Solutions that deliver a platform of services that maximizes profitability, minimizes, cost, and scales the business.

Health and Wellness

Franchise management software for client bookings, payments, and services that delivers a flawless customer experience across services.


A CRM solution that aligns the acquisition of new customers, communications, deals desk, and sales team optimization.


A professional ecommerce site that is secure, fast, easy to use, and is an essential technology to increase your business sales.

Expand and Scale Up

Expand your business footprint with CloudFran professional expansion services utilizing local country expert resources to help you win!

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Let CloudFran analyze your data and perform machine learning and work with supporting tools for unique business insights.

Find out about CloudFran POS

The POS Solution is the heart of your retail infrastructure and needs to be secure, trusted, fast, reliable, cost effective, and easy to use.  But there is more, the system needs to be bundled with additional software features so you can use the POS information to help manage your business, driving in more revenue into your business.  


As your business grows, you will need fleet management, so you can manage and control all of your POS hardware and software on a location, state, and national basis.  You need to detect fraud and intervene before the fraud is transacted.  We can do all this and more, so what are you waiting for? Change today and start saving.



 – Security for each transaction and AI driven fraud detection

 – Bundled features that extend the functionality of your POS

 – A low price that saves you money every month, straight to your bottom line.

 – An easy to use POS Solution with powerful reporting and business insights.



Get the CloudFran POS and learn why so many businesses are upgrading their technology suite while significantly lowering the costs – it’s the smart thing to do!

Happy Customers Spend More at both the online store and brick and mortar stores.  This will increase your store level sales.

Advanced Analytics bring the power of data insights that enable you to understand what drives happy customers.

Happy Customer Talk with friends and family and will give a great recommendation for your store.  Trusted recommendations drive sales!

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