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CloudFran Food Cost

The integrated CloudFran inventory systems makes it a lot easier to determine your food waste and overall cost profile for food.

Utilize the CloudFran Food Cost Tools and get closer to the “ideal food cost” that you have been pursuing.

Some Core Features

CloudFran Food Cost


Building up food cost starts with the quantification of the ingredients that are used to make the food products. CloudFran Food costs makes this quantification fast and easy.


Products are the finished goods for the ingredients. The food produced is like a factory that uses raw materials (the ingredients) that are used to make food products.

Menu Profitability

After the products are fully managed the next step is to get a handle on menu profitability. With CloudFran, you can quickly see the results of product related changes to profitability.

Inventory Adjustments

Inventory adjustments are the daily count of inventory, which builds into the calculation for inventory change. The key for good food cost management is good inventory management.

Food Waste

The fun starts with the calculation of food waste, which is done automatically. Now you have the information needed to determine the sources of waste and to fix them fast!

Ideal Food Cost

With the CloudFran "ideal food cost" automatic calculations you can see how close you are to perfection and where you need to make improvements in food cost management.


Our Customers

CloudFran understands that the restaurant business can be tough, lots of competition, narrow margins, and a changing workforce and customer base.  The only way to keep up with this is to use technology to accelerate your growth.


CloudFran has designed franchise systems based on the inputs of successful franchise owner.  Our goal is to codify the know of decades of experience and bring it to the new and established franchise.  


Take advantage of this unique growth opportunity!

  • Mission

    Enable profitable growth

  • Vision

    A one-stop solution for all your franchise software needs

  • Values

    Enabling successful franchise systems


The Solution

An easy to use comprehensive software solution for both the franchise and franchisee restaurant owners.

  • Ideal Food Cost

    An automatic detailed calculation of "ideal food cost" is produced by the CloudFran system.

  • Food Waste

    Get a hold of the food waste that is eating into your profits with an exact calculation of food waste.

  • Features

    The system includes an easy to use ingredient manager, products, menu profitability, inventory synchronization, food waste, and ideal food cost.


Trusted Feedback

CloudFran is here to support your business growth, we understand that you need flawless execution - and we deliver it.

The CloudFran Food Cost solution allows our franchises to calculate menu profitability and understand the importance of not wasting food.

Kevin Whitaker

QSR Industry Segment

Our teams like the flexibility in container size that CloudFran Food Cost provides.  Ideal Food Cost is what we pursue on a daily basis!

Jose Manero

Family Restaurant Segment

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CloudFran Food Cost

CloudFran Food Cost is a key solution for the management and control over food food cost.  This is a “must have” solution for any restaurant establishment and a key method for improving P&L.


 – Get control of your Food Waste


 – Understand and improve your Menu Profitability


 – Continuously improve as you approach the “Ideal Food Cost”


Get the CloudFran System and learn why so many restaurant owners are upgrading their technology suite while significantly lowering the costs – it’s the smart thing to do!

Easy to Use Tools that the restaurant locations can use for enhanced profitability. Manage at the store level for improved visibility.

Advanced Analytics bring the power of data insights to both the locations and corporate.  No coders needed.

Get control of your Food Cost with a simple, yet powerful solution form CloudFran.  Optimize menu profitability and increase your profits!

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