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CloudFran Campaigner

Professional campaigns for businesses that scale.

Establish Strategy

Identify Target Audience

Customize Content

Run Campaigns

Capture Results

Some Core Features

CloudFran Campaigner

List Management

Establish list directly from the existing sales leads database content and send campaigns to the target audience. Easily modify the campaign list and support both sms and email messaging.

Email Campaigns

Run email campaigns using powerful exchange services that can send hundreds of thousands emails. Email sent will support user requests to opt out and protection against SPAM.

Advanced Analytics

Easily produce custom reports or view a wide variety of standard reports that give you all the information that you need about your email campaigns and audience responses.

SMS Messages

Reach mobile users with SMS campaigns that can send information directly to th emobile device. Mobile campaigns can provide a faster target audience response to the campaign.

CloudFran Campaigner Platinum

Take your marketing campaigns to the next level with an easy to use, but powerful inbound and outbound marketing solution.

Multimodal Campaigns

The CloudFran system offers the ability to setup and send multiple commands on when screen. Send email campaigns and sms campaigns to the same or different lists in the system.

A / B Testing

Use the powerful A/B Testing and select a small sample size to determine the best template or message to use based on actual responses. The system will automatically convert campaigns to the best results.

Drip Campaigns

Establish a set duration for multiple layers of messaging that sends a different campaign to users over time - the well known drip campaign. Maximize your engagement with the target audience.

Easy to Use Templates

Utilize easy to use templates to quickly create a custom campaign with a professional appeal. Save your customized campaigns and quickly reuse templates.


Our Customers

CloudFran understands the importance of having great campaigns in customer conversion.  That's why our team has produced beautiful templates, and enterprise level tools, to give your business the scale it deserves.


Engage your customers with beautiful templates that will attract prospects to your business.  Utilize power statistical approaches like A/B Testing to maximize prospect responses.  Leverage drip campaigns for a planned multi step campaign over time.


Take advantage of these powerful tools!

  • Mission

    Enable profitable growth

  • Vision

    A one-stop solution for all your franchise software needs

  • Values

    Enabling successful franchise systems

ABOUT CLOUDFRAN Campaign Platinum

The Solution

An easy to use comprehensive software solution for any business that wants to engage customers.

  • Performance

    Send emails and sms messages to your target audience in seconds, building large campaigns with ease.

  • Security

    All information is secure and only accessible by the licensed user of the store or franchise system.

  • Features

    List Management, Email Campaigns, SMS Campaigns, Exchange Server Services, Drip Campaigns, numerous beautiful templates, customization, and more.


Trusted Feedback

CloudFran is here to support your business growth, we understand that you need flawless execution - and we deliver it.

We use the CloudFran Campaign Platinum product for all of outbound and inbound marketing.  It automatically integrates all the info that we need.

Sai Acharya

QSR Industry Segment

We do a lot campaigns with coupons and this system integrates the coupons with our campaigns and gives us an integration with our products for sale, right in the campaign tools!

Aryan Varadkar

Family Restaurant Segment

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Scale Up Business

Expand your business with CloudFran professional expansion services for site buildout, permits, and licenses.

Digital Transformation

Take advantage of a powerful approach to make your business customer focused, lowering your cost, and improving results!

CloudFran Campaigner Platinum gives you all the tools you need an expect in a campaign.  But what makes this solution unique is the volume of messages that you run in a campaign and the numerous integration features.  You can add product information within the design of your campaign.  This gives you the ability to transact with your campaign.



Using landing pages gives you another new capability where you can establish numerous web property locations that capture customers.  There is so much more to learn about these awesome professional campaign features!


Easy to Use Tools that enable powerful campaigns across email, sms, and web properties.

Advanced Analytics bring the power of data insights to life for your buusiness.  No coders needed.

Get control of your Campaigns with a simple, yet powerful solution from CloudFran – delivering customer engagement.

Less Work More Responses
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Be campaign smart by using the CloudFran tools to test campaigns and determine which campaigns work best for your target audience.
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